Axton AXB20STP

1,995 kr

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The AXB20STP is a 20 cm band pass active subwoofer with a built-in amp module for the spare tire well. With 50 cm diameter and 18 cm height this sub is going to fit in almost any standard spare tire well. The 29 liters of internal net volume available to the 20 cm driver in the bandpass enclosure result in a very high efficiency output, which combined with the 100 W power of the discrete active module allows considerable bass levels.

  • Active subwoofer for spare tire well
  • Enclosure fits tire wells with 50 cm diameter and center clamp
  • 20 cm/8" long stroke bass driver in bandpass enclosure
  • High cross section port for low air noise
  • Built-in amp module with 100 W power rating
  • 12 dB/oct. electronic crossover with 50 – 150 Hz low-pass filter
  • Switchable bass boost 0 dB / 6 dB
  • Amp auto turn-on trigger for High Level inputs