Hifonics ZXi6404

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The ZEUS Z3 Series represents power amplifiers with sophisticated sound quality, impressive power and perfect workmanship within the HiFonics amplifier-range. The non-compromise, for audio enthusiasts engineered line is exclusively equipped with fast components like high-grade input OP-amps with 9V/µS slew-rate and high-speed output devices. Countless test reviews in renowned magazines prove the extraordinary power rates and the enormous high quality standard of the ZEUS series, which defines the quality standards among the premium amps completely new.

- 4 x 100/200 W/RMS @ 4/2 Ohm
- 2 x Highpassfilter, 2 x Lowpassfilter
- 2 x Bass-EQ, Bandpass-Mode, Twin-Sub Mode
- 260 x 60 x 400/430 mm