KICKER Dual Vented Box, 2 x CompR12

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Ported enclosure with dual 12″ CompR subwoofers


A match made in heaven...or Oklahoma

Kicker's 40DCWR122 loaded enclosure puts a pair of thumping 12" CompR subs behind your music. The rugged ported box was designed specifically for the subs, so you can count on getting maximum performance, no matter what kind of tunes you enjoy.

Side-view of Kicker 40DCWR122 dual 12" sub enclosure

The specially designed port gives you more bass without sounding sloppy.

Two hard-hitting CompR subs

Each 12” CompR subwoofer features a tough, polypropylene cone that stays rigid during intense play sessions so you hear accurate bass. A custom-designed back and top plate give the woofers plenty of room to travel, while the durable rubber surround helps to control cone movement during a heavy workout. These subs use extensive venting in their heavy steel baskets to shrug off heat, so you can count on reliable performance.   

Heavy-duty enclosure

Sturdy medium-density fibreboard ensures long-lasting performance from the enclosure, and the special-design side port enhances bass production without getting sloppy. The enclosure's 2-ohm impedance draws maximum power from your mono amplifier. This Kicker will handle up to 1000 watts RMS, so make sure you pick an amp that'll make those CompR subs happy.

Product Highlights:
    »  ported enclosure with two 12" CompR subwoofers
    »  medium-density fibreboard construction covered with carpet
    »  2-ohm total impedance
    »  power handling: 200-1000 watts RMS (2000 watts peak power)
    »  frequency response: 25-500 Hz
    »  sensitivity: 98 dB
    »  31-7/8"W x 16"H x 16-7/16"D1 x 13-7/16"D2