Jamo A 320 HCS 6

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Jamo A 320 HCS6 5.1 Home Cinema System includes four A 320 satellites, one SUB 250 and one A 3 CEN. 4 speaker. The A 320 and A 3CEN.3 are magnetically shielded making it favourable to place near the TV without distorting its picture.

A 320 Satellite speakers are a 2-way, closed cabinet design and includes a 1-inch tweeter and a 3.75-inch woofer to add true surround sound to your favourite music and movies.

The SUB 250 and A 3 CEN. 4 add power and precision to the system, making every movie an event for the entire family.

The A 320 and A 3CEN.4 speakers can be placed almost anywhere: horizontally or vertically on a wall or in a corner. Thanks to their ingenious fittings, they can be aimed toward the optimum listening position. Accessories for different placement options are included with the speakers.

Four A320 compact satellite speakers with a 3.75" woofer and a 1" tweeter

One A 3CEN .4 with two 3.75" woofers and a 1" tweeter.

One SUB 200 with 8" long-throw woofer unit 250w

Frequency Range: 36-20000Hz

Unique slotted port cabinets

Brand                 Jamo

Pieces in System                         6

Surround Channel Configuration Click for the definition.      5.1

Enclosure type                             Closed (Satellite) | Slotted Port (Subwoofer)

Frequency Response Click for the definition.                             95 Hz - 20 kHz (Satellite) | 10 kHz - 20 kHz (Centre)

Power Click for the definition.                            70 Watts (Satellite) | 100 Watts Centre)

Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm) Click for the definition.           95 mm (Satellite) | 2 x 95 mm (Centre)

Tweeter Click for the definition.                        25 mm (Satellite & Centre)

Impedance (Ω)                            6 Ω (Satellite) | 6 - 8 Ω (Centre)

Sensitivity         88 d B (Satellite & Centre)

Subwoofer Bass Driver Size (mm)                     203 mm

Subwoofer RMS Power (watts)                          250 Watts

Warranty          Australian Manufacturer Warranty


Centre (H×W×D)                         112 × 300 × 112 mm

Subwoofer (H×W×D)                 325 x 267 x 469 mm

Satellite Speaker Dimension (H×W×D)            190 × 124 × 105 mm (ea)